Benefits of a Dev Shop

When you find yourself in need of development work you have two options: you can either hire on your own, full-time, in-house development team; or you can outsource your work to a development shop. Each option has their pros and cons, but the demand for development shops has been steadily increasing – here’s why:

Dev shops are more cost and time effect than an in-house development team. They might seem more expensive – dropping a couple thousand dollars all at once is never easy to swallow – but payment is one, all-inclusive lump sum. Full time, in-house developers come with training expenses, salaries, benefits, paid vacation, etc. Hiring your own private team means taking the time to interview each individual coder to assess their skills and see if they have what you need. This process can take up time that could be spent working towards your project goal. You can hire a dev shop on a project by project basis with a set time limit and fixed costs – saving you time and money in the long run.

Dev shops are typically made up of well-rounded developers with complementary skills and talents. If you hire your own, in-house team, it’s up to you to find developers with the specific talents you need for your project. Dev shops do all leg work that comes with putting together a team of coders, graphic designers, and copywriters. Furthermore, it’s in their best interest to stay up to date on their skills, tech knowledge, and pricing. You’re likely to get an experienced group of professional freelance developers at a competitive price.

There is one downfall to working with a dev shop: communication can take a little extra effort. The shop needs to be familiarized with you and your product; since they aren’t there in the office with you, you’ll need to establish a strong line of communication where they can pose any questions and you can send requests. Dev shops are used to working this way and as long as all needs are communicated they’ll do their best to succeed.

There’s lots to consider when moving forward with development needs. Take a look at your agenda and budget then explore your options.

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