Shopify with Purple? No Pressure.

Recently Lift Media had the opportunity to work with Purple, a mattress company that boasts of the world’s first No Pressure mattress. Lift built their Shopify attachment which makes it so their product can be bought online. Which is kind of a huge deal — less time in stores means more time sleeping. We’re supposed…

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The Most Valuable Product

“Once the MVP is established, a startup can work on tuning the engine.” – Lean Startup   2015 was the year of the startup. Especially in places like Utah County where wide-eyed college kids are willing to work in tiny offices making cold calls to pay their bills. Startups have a unique recipe; they are made…

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Wordpress Logo

What’s the WordPress?

WordPress is a free, online open-source website creation tool. It’s a content management system (or CMS) written in PHP – basically, in English, it’s a blog builder. At least…that’s how it started. Since it’s creation in 2003, WordPress has evolved into more than just a self-hosted blogging tool. With nearly 60 million sites, each…

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Benefits of a Dev Shop

When you find yourself in need of development work you have two options: you can either hire on your own, full-time, in-house development team; or you can outsource your work to a development shop. Each option has their pros and cons, but the demand for development shops has been steadily increasing – here’s why: Dev…

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7 Signs You Need a Redesign

One of the most important things about running a successful business is staying relevant. With technology constantly changing and design trends coming and going, it can be a lot of work to stay caught up and plugged in. It’s normal, and almost mandatory, to give your website a little face lift every now and then.…

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Introducing: Lift Media

What is Lift Media? Clearly you know that it’s a development shop or you wouldn’t be perusing around this website. However, Lift Media is so much more than just a development shop. Sure, Lift Media builds affordable, high-quality websites and apps that can help take your business to the next level; and sure, we specialize…

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Unravelling the Innovator’s DNA

in·no·vate ˈinəˌvāt/ ; verb make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.   I was recently able to sit down for a phone interview with Jershon Lopez, Product Manager and Software Engineer for Innovator’s DNA. My first question for Jershon was “What exactly is iDNA? What do you do?” I…

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What is “Responsive Web Design” and Why is it Important?

Lift Media advertises “Responsive Web Design” and yet a lot of people have no idea what that is. When I first started in the tech business I had no idea what “responsive” meant and I was a little timid about asking for fear of sounding un-tech-savvy. However, after months of talking with tech geniuses and…

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Ovrhd Testimonial

The Beta site allows users to upload a photo from their computer then create hover-hotspots that contain info, photos, links, and videos anywhere on the image. They can then publish their photos to the site and grab the url to share their new interactive image anywhere else! The founders at Ovrhd approached Lift Media…

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Seeking Citizenship? Not so Simple

When Sam Stoddard married his wife Ally a year and a half ago, he thought the process of becoming a US citizen was easy, if not automatic. Sam quickly discovered however, that just because he and Ally – a native of South Korea – tied the knot, it did not mean she immediately gained citizenship…

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