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Image taken from Ovrhd.com

The Ovrhd.com Beta site allows users to upload a photo from their computer then create hover-hotspots that contain info, photos, links, and videos anywhere on the image. They can then publish their photos to the site and grab the url to share their new interactive image anywhere else!

The founders at Ovrhd approached Lift Media for an effective and affordable software option. Lift Media built the version one, front-facing content that allows the hotspots to function. Constance, a founder at Ovrhd.com, says: 

“What Lift Media was able to do is take a very basic idea and make it a functional, viable product. They took the rough code that we had and made it better in a cost effective manner. They are really qualified, top notch developers and helped us meet our start-up accelerator deadline (Ovrhd is part of Boom Start-up). We didn’t have a full-stack development team and they provided all the benefits of an in-house, really superior tech team without having to pay for an in-house team. Anyone with product holes or with development needs they can’t meet themselves should go to Lift to get the talented developers needed to bridge the gap between an idea and a sellable prototype.” 

We loved working with the awesome people at Ovrhd and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors!

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