Shopify with Purple? No Pressure.

Recently Lift Media had the opportunity to work with Purple, a mattress company that boasts of the world’s first No Pressure mattress. Lift built their Shopify attachment which makes it so their product can be bought online. Which is kind of a huge deal — less time in stores means more time sleeping.

We’re supposed to get 8 hours of sleep which, in a 24 hour day, is one-third of our time. If you live to be 75 years old, you could potentially sleep for a total of 25 years in your lifetime.

That’s not even including naps.

So assuming you get enough sleep, which is another discussion all together, you’re spending over two decades in bed. When it comes to beds, most of us think “if it’’s soft and flat it gets the job done, right?” But is that what you want? Something that just ‘gets the job done’? You’re going to spend one-third of your life on that thing! Don’t you deserve something a little more…luxurious?

That’s where Purple comes in.  

What exactly is Purple? Well, it’s a mattress. But it’s not just any old mattress. It’s a mattress fit for a king! Hence the name (Purple is the color of royals. Duh.). What makes it fit for a king is the incredible hyper-elastic polymer it’s made of. Hyper-elastic polymer is special because it redistributes pressure into other areas, eliminating high pressure points. Not even the pickiest princesses could feel a pea under this mattress.   

So why isn’t every mattress made of hyper-elastic polymer? Well, that’s because it’s patented by Tony and Terry Pearce, the genius engineer brothers that made it. They started out by inventing Floam, the world’s lightest-weight cushioning fluid. Floam now has five patents and is being used in wheelchair cushions, critical care medical beds, Nike footwear, Johnson & Johnson ankle/knee braces, neonatal intensive care nests, and golf bag straps, among other things.

So why didn’t they just use Floam in their mattresses? Well, they could have, but each mattress would have been expensive to make and even more expensive to buy. The Pearces wanted to change the world and they couldn’t do that if no one could afford their life-changing product. They set out to create a cushioning technology that could revolutionize the industry at a much lower production cost.

That’s why they invented the hyper-elastic polymer now used in Purple mattresses. The soft yet durable material could stretch 15 times its resting size and never took a body impression. Now all they had to do was figure out a way to manufacture full-size mattresses from the polymer. Two years and two million dollars later,  enter Mattress Max, a patent-pending machine that lives up to its name. Mattress Max is able to take the hyper-elastic polymer and stretch it into pieces as large as a king-size mattress. This revolutionary machine is able to make the mattresses at production rates/ costs that will enable millions more people to afford a Purple mattress. Their mattress is now available for one-fourth the cost of the next best mattress.

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer is also used in Jansport backpack straps, Dr. Scholl’s shoe insoles, Nickelodeon soft-catch toy balls, EquaPressure wheelchair cushions, and Stryker Medical critical care hospital beds. It’s as versatile as it is awesome! Just like Lift Media. We do more than just websites, we also do application build-ins like Shopify. So let us know if you have a revolutionary invention you want to sell.

Posted on February 29, 2016 in Custom Web Design, Innovation, Responsive Web Design, Software, Technology, Web Design

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