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WordPress is a free, online open-source website creation tool. It’s a content management system (or CMS) written in PHP – basically, in English, it’s a blog builder. At least…that’s how it started.

Since it’s creation in 2003, WordPress has evolved into more than just a self-hosted blogging tool. With nearly 60 million WordPress.com sites, each receiving more than 100 million page views per day, it has come to be one of the largest self-hosted CMS’s with clients as famous as CNN, BBC, Sony, and Volkswagen – oh, and Lift Media.

WordPress features a plugin architecture with thousands of widgets and themes as well as a state-of-the-art template system. It’s completely customizable and can be used for almost anything – from a cooking blog to a Fortune 500 company website.

Lift Media uses WordPress templates for a majority of the websites they build. WordPress templates include the built-ins that allow for clients to continue to manipulate content as needed. After Lift has created the site the client can change content on their own, without the help of a tech team. That’s the main benefit of a CMS – and the main reason Lift Media uses WordPress – it’s easier for clients. What can we say, we’re generous.

Working with WordPress allows Lift Media to not only built sleek, user-friendly websites but it also allows the clients to manage their own site after it’s been built. The main benefit of a dev shop is you aren’t paying for consistent tech-help the way you would if you hired your own, in-house team. By using WordPress, Lift Media is setting each client up for success by enabling them to manage their own site and manipulate their own content without the consistent cost of a tech team. 

If you’re looking for an awesome, all-inclusive website platform to push your site up and get your company business, check out WordPress. If you’re looking for someone to build this website for you, look no further than Lift Media.

Posted on October 13, 2015 in Custom Web Design, Entertainement, Innovation, Responsive Web Design, Software, Technology, Web Design

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